About GoGracefully

The circle of life and death need not include fear, unwanted expense, or added difficulty. GoGracefully™ serves the dying, which happens to be all of us. Discover how easy it is to create all your end of life documents for hundreds, not thousands, of dollars.

Create peace of mind for loved ones, both young and old, with our proprietary GoGracefully PonoBook™ which includes the essential steps to prepare for the inevitable.

End of Life

We see end-of-life preparation as more than material preparation. Yes, we do support the creation of thorough working plans for material assets.  However, we also address the more important mental and emotional needs for both living and dying. 

Perhaps most importantly though, we encourage exploration of the sacred dimensions of life in order to create a holistic and complete plan.  At GoGracefully we have learned that by examining the details of what is important to us in the end, we simultaneously discover what is important to us now—learning how to go gracefully!

Our Mission & Purpose

Advancing the understanding of end of life while serving the living

GoGracefully™ is redefining the way people perceive death and dying. Death is an opportunity for people to connect through loving service and find joy. 

Our primary purpose is nurturing men, women, and children who connect through the natural act of dying. GoGracefully™ achieves our purpose by providing helpful resources for those in need of support. We offer training, a network of end of life attendants, educational material about death and dying, and inspirational guidance.

Our Vision

GoGracefully™ envisions a day in which death is celebrated with the same joy that we currently experience with the birth of a child. We see families empowered with uplifting information and practical tools for managing the inevitable.
The baby boomers are a huge demographic that will compel us into action one way or another, and the fruit born from a loving service approach to this challenge has the potential to quicken the spiritual, moral, and philosophical capacity of all humanity. In short, our vision is one of filling a massive need for assistance and support with acts of loving service predicated on our unity as conscious beings.

Our Values

CONSCIOUSNESS: Knowing we are all part of One Source.
LOVING SERVICE: Engaging in helpful behavior involving a feeling of warm personal attachment.
ALTRUISM: To be profoundly dedicated to others.
LOYALTY: Remaining fearless and dedicated to highest meanings and values.
FAIRNESS: Releasing our judgment, bias and dishonesty.
HONESTY: To be true to ourselves and to others as we live our highest understanding of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.
HOPE: Enjoying the limitless feeling of possibility through loving service.
TRUST: Having faith in the interconnection of all beings.
TOLERANCE: Valuing and honoring all energy in motion regardless of our ability to understand it. To have compassion, empathy and mercy for energy that appears unconscious, including our own.
ENDURING PEACE: Knowing and feeling love flowing through us – fearlessness – lasting freedom of our minds from annoyance, distraction and anxiety; continuous tranquility.
HUMILITY: To pervade others with consciousness through the inherent drawing power of living a life of service.

Our Method: The Top Down Approach

GoGracefullyTM offers a unique strategy to end-of-life planning.  We know that most people have an aversion to this work due to the natural tendency to avoid facing death.  We have discovered that once a person decides to “get it done” there is a strong tendency to approach the work from the simple to the complex.  For example, most people chose to begin their planning by writing a last will and testament or by creating a trust.  Next, the inclination is to stop there as though the work is complete, thereby skipping over the more challenging issues of how we want the end of our lives to unfold.  Even fewer people go on to contemplate how their most sacred values will come to fruition as part of this process. At GoGracefullyTM we refer to this as the bottom-up method and we are willing and able to fully support all such efforts to complete necessary planning. 

In contrast, GoGracefullyTM advocates a top-down approach.  We know that a true understanding of where we are now is the best foundation for creating an end-of-life-plan. Furthermore, to gain an enlightened perspective for the sensible approach to any issue—life or death—is to employ an unbiased examination of reality by looking at origins, history, and destiny.  This threefold approach allows for the correlation of the past and the future into the present, particularly present decisions pertaining to how we both live and die.  Therefore, GoGracefullyTM encourages all our members and guests to begin their journey with the sacred.  After all, it is only the sacred that can reveal origins and destiny.  From the vantage point of the sacred, we can more easily put the emotional and psychological considerations into their proper perspective which in turn shape our material choices.  We believe it begins not with the material, but with the sacred.

However, you choose to approach your end-of-life planning, GoGracefullyTM is here to support your efforts.  No matter where you are on your path, we can help you move forward.  Perhaps all you need are one or two of the Essential Estate Planning documents, if so we offer both tools and support for you to get those done right now.  If you are just beginning your work and feel you need a little help, then the GoGracefully PonoBookTM is all you need to organize your efforts.  Conversely, if you feel completely overwhelmed by your current circumstances, a GoGracefully GuideTM is standing by right now to give you personalized support. Call now at  (808) 430-7290.

The GoGracefully Family

James Land,  Founding Member

James Land is currently a certified End of Life Doula, an active hospice volunteer, and a former paramedic. He has attended over 50 deaths and enjoys serving others through end of life planning. James has a unique and diverse background that includes over 30 years of business experience guided by spiritual application.
James is the founder of Aloha Money Coaching located on the Big Island of Hawaii. He founded Organic Landscapes, an environmental landscape-contracting corporation currently based in California. He also created Quiescence Day Spa, LLC a massage and skin care salon that focuses exclusively on holistic therapeutic treatments using exclusively natural and organic products. James has over 20 years of experience both teaching and coaching a broad range of subjects including: money coaching (the transformation of unconscious patterns and behaviors associated with money), meditation, organic gardening, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support, and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. He has also worked as a Waldorf teacher, soccer coach, licensed contractor, salesman, firefighter, paramedic, carpenter, plumber, handyman, chef, waiter, busboy, and dishwasher.
James received the prestigious Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship from the University of California Berkeley where he studied Peace and Conflict. He attended Stanford Hospital for his paramedic education. He has trained in both Aikido and Tai Chi for over a decade. His most influential teachers include: Eckhart Tolle, Mahatma Gandhi, Morihei Ueshiba, Siddhartha Gautama, and Jesus. Despite his years of studying, training, and schooling, James maintains that presence, the purest form of teaching available, is the basis of his guidance, his joy, and his abundance. James is the loving father of four daughters and one son. He lives with his wife and children on a small organic farm in Hawaii and enjoys building sand castles at the beach.

Leah Naylor,  Founding Member

Leah Naylor is the mother of four beautiful children, three girls and one boy.  Born in Portland, Oregon she spent her early childhood in Stuttgart, Germany where she learned to speak German fluently. She traveled throughout Europe extensively both as a child and later as an adult.  Upon returning to the United States, she graduated from the University of Oregon with a major in International Studies and a minor in Business Administration.  Inspired by her love of travel, she became a flight attendant and lived in Philadelphia, while flying all over the US, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands.  Later she moved to California where she worked for a leadership and character development company, and there met her loving and supportive partner. In her spare time, Leah loves crafting and sewing, especially as a teacher at her children’s Waldorf school.  She enjoys reading to her children, cooking healthy organic meals, dancing hula, and sharing her knowledge of holistic health care and the use of essential oils.    Trained as a birthing doula, Leah enjoys offering her support to new mothers, especially with regard to breast feeding.  Being of service is fundamental in her life.

Audrey Land,  Founding Member

Born and raised in the California Bay Area, Audrey attended Dominican University of California where she studied Psychology and graduated summa cum laude. Audrey authored a thesis exploring the relationship between childhood trauma and later adult attachment relationships. Audrey has always been passionate about serving her community and for several years she volunteered on the National Suicide Hotline counseling those who felt hopeless and alone in the world. Most recently Audrey has worked as a Mental Health Counselor at a Bay Area nonprofit serving those struggling with mental health disorders as well as substance dependence. Audrey’s first experience with death occurred when she was 18 years old when she had the privilege of honoring her grandmother’s final request to die at home, surrounded by family.  Several years later, Audrey was given the same gift, when she held her aunt’s hand and surrounded her with love during her final moments. Audrey is motivated to share her transformative experiences around death and dying and encourage others to shift their perspectives to include the joy and love that are inherent in the death experience. Audrey’s core values include loving service, sincere kindness, and respectful tolerance. When she isn’t working, Audrey enjoys exploring the California coast with friends, experimenting with new recipes, brushing her fluffy Persian cat, and traveling to Hawaii to visit her family.


Whippersnappers,  Chief Executives

Yes, there is no question that as parents we do have the final say, yet as all good parents know, honoring the wishes of our children in a way that fosters strong character without creating an over exalted ego is an art in itself.  These children are all being educated to coordinate the universal values of truth, beauty, and goodness into the demands and necessities of day to day living.  By using a blend of Waldorf pedagogy and an ongoing effort to enhance the sacred within, we aspire to naturally relegate materialism to its place.
The main reason most of us complete our end-of-life documents can be seen in the smiling faces of these children!  To enhance their life-long security and multiply their educational experiences, we have chosen to drive around North America doing service work, homeschooling, and going gracefully.  The result of these efforts will be exciting to behold as they continue to grow.  There will be plenty more to learn about the Whippersnappers as you follow us on the journey!