Estate Planning vs. End-of-Life Planning Workbook

James Living Wills

Who needs an end of life planning workbook? Most of us are familiar with Estate planning, however, few of us address the deeper issues of creating a real end-of-life plan. In this article or Video Here, you will find information on the GoGracefully end-of-life planning workbook. Discover this excellent resource to support all your end-of-life needs—please read on!

Most of us believe we need a lawyer to do our Estate Planning.  This is not true, the vast majority of us, need is a little guidance and encouragement.  Technology has made the creating of these documents simple, and easy to create in minutes or hours on a computer. 

Estate Planning is really a small subset of what has become known as End-of-Life Planning.  It is the goal of this article to give you general information about end-of-life planning, access to an end-of-life planning workbook, and to direct you to affordable resources to accomplish this critical work. 

The PonoBook

GoGracefully has created a comprehensive workbook to put all this into perspective.  We call it the PonoBook.  Our end-of-life planning workbook addresses material decisions, psychological and emotional choices, and spiritual preferences.  The GoGracefully PonoBook derives its name from the Hawaiian word “pono.” Pono has over 80 possible meanings, which are all related to righteousness. Because of this, creating an end-of-life plan is the right thing to do for both our loved ones and ourselves. 

Sadly, most people are focused largely on the material decisions. Unfortunately, these issues are of little concern at end of life.  The PonoBook starts with these material decisions. We provide end-of-life planning worksheets to complete the 5 essential documents most of us need.  These documents include: an advance healthcare directive (living will) for medical decisions, a power of attorney for financial decisions, a will, a trust, and a quitclaim deed.  Our workbook includes a comprehensive worksheet for collecting all the information pertaining to your material decisions. Thus, we provide a master checklist to help with the deeper aspects of end of life planning.

Three Critical Aspects of Planning

As our title eludes to, there are three critical aspects of end-of-life planning.  The material decisions mentioned above are often what leads to hiring an attorney and spending thousands of dollars.  This is no longer necessary for those of us with basic computer skills.  The GoGracefully services page makes it easy for you to link directly with attorney-created documents. These documents are filled out in the privacy of your home.  So, get started now. Or read on to discover the other two critical elements of end-of-life planning.

The psychological and emotional choices are briefly addressed in the document known as a living will.  Most living wills are written in legalistic language, which masks the important choices contained in such a document.  No matter what state you live in your psychological and emotional decisions are enhanced by the study and completion of an additional resource known as Five Wishes. 

Five Wishes

The Five Wishes document, often referred to as “the living will with heart and soul,” provides a much deeper exploration of these decisions.  This is true, even in Texas and seven other states that do not honor the Five Wishes document.  In those states, the Five Wishes document can become an addendum to the legal version of the advance directive.  GoGracefully offers a free copy of the Five Wishes to all our Essential and Personalized Support Service clients.

A truly deep exploration of emotional and psychological choices at end of life goes beyond the documents mentioned above.  To help people sincerely go gracefully we created a section in the PonoBook to cover this important area in more detail.  We specifically addresses three critical components of end-of-life exploration: how to create a vigil plan, how and why we can create meaningful legacy work, and how to communicate your wishes with loved ones—especially those who may be challenged by your wishes. 

Vigil Plan

The vigil plan is a one or two-page document that is actually posted in the place you will spend the final days and hours of your life.  This document makes clear to all who are present—loved ones and service providers—exactly what matters most to you.  There are many other details that a properly prepared vigil plan addresses, which are found only in the PonoBook.


Additionally, the PonoBook lays a foundation for matters associated with communicating with others about these personal choices.  We include tangible resources for healing and forgiveness.  There are also several exercises you can complete. These will aid you in your efforts to create peace with the people in your life.


Lastly, with respect to our emotional and psychological work, the PonoBook offers insight on how to share your legacy.  We all have a story. Legacy work is where you pass your truth, beauty, and goodness on to all future generations.  Legacy work is done alone or with the help of others. It also appears in many forms, which are thoroughly addressed in the PonoBook. 

The Sacred Realm

The last part of the GoGracefully workbook deals with the sacred realm. We offer nine unique exercises to help you explore the role of spirituality as you approach the transition of death.  This exploration is open to everyone from the most devout religionist to an avowed atheist.  All can benefit from the wisdom distilled down from generations of great teachers and texts referenced in the workbook. 

GoGracefully remains committed to advancing understanding of death while serving the living.  We are a resource, a support service, and a place to begin the practice of living more fully.  Our PonoBook is a valuable tool for anyone who is overwhelmed by end-of-life planning. It is also an excellent resource for people who are technologically challenged by the idea of do-it-yourself legal documents. 

Remember, dying gracefully is tied to the art of living joyfully.  We offer an end of life planning workbook, support creating living wills, coaching for the creation of all end-of-life documents, and personalized services to guide anyone through online creation of legal documents.  Start now, and go gracefully!