12 Year Old Daughter’s Rite of Passage

James Life Lessons

Dear Sweet Child, Mom says she is gathering the women in your life to celebrate an important rite of passage. I trust your new maturity is women’s work, but I too, want to be a part of this important time in your life. I hope you will benefit from having a man’s perspective on womanhood as well as the views of your sisters.

As you read this, be sure to note that these views will not be common as you encounter and befriend boys and men.  What you are about to read comes from years of experience . . . and . . . pain from . . . disappointment with . . . resolve to find . . . hope for . . . and ultimately faith in the other half of the human species. 

Amazingly, that journey resulted in you!   And so my dear, always remember:   

A woman is strong, much stronger than any bulging muscle on a man.  She uses her strength to nurture, love, and create stability.  She does this in her family, her community, and in the world.  Her strength is renewed each month as she is reminded of her creative power, a power that only she and her sisters possess;

A woman is brave, much braver than any soldier running into battle. This is because she recognizes deep in her heart that the future of all life on this planet will be shaped by her actions, and not by the power and control of nations.  Stated simply, her decisions sculpt the future of human character.  When she suckles her young and coos into the ear of the developing mind, destiny is shaped;

A woman heals, much more than the best doctors of our time.  She does this often, when she gazes lovingly into the eyes of the injured little ones and speaks words of compassion.  In doing so, she teaches us all that the universe is both loving and friendly;

A woman provides, much more than even the richest man on earth.  Indeed, she is often the very source of such a man’s wealth. She does this by keeping her heart focused on service.  Somehow, she knows how to lead from behind, and being a man, I know nothing more of this mystery;

A woman endures, much more than the toughest of men.  For ages, these tough men have failed to see her light, and now she stands boldly in the dawn of her time.  She remains undaunted, forgiving, and willing to do what she has for eons – give birth to a new day;  

A woman is powerful, more powerful than the nuclear bombs created by the men of our time.  She radiates this as she shines her truth, her beauty, and her goodness upon the world.  Even men must know this in our subconscious because we call a woman who is stunning, amazing, or sensational a “bombshell.”

A woman believes, even more than the world’s most devout religionists.  For she knows that even today there are few religions that give her her rightful inheritance.  Nevertheless, she patiently turns within. There she finds—all that true religion promises;

And the list goes on my child! 

Love, ‘Aman

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