A New Paradigm for Death and Dying

Imagine a world where you know the final wishes of your loved ones; a world where the uncertainties and fear around death and dying are rare; a world where death is discussed openly as a comfortable topic and viewed with the same joy and reverence as birth. These realities are what GoGracefully is creating, one relationship at a time.

GoGracefully GuidesTM

 Advanced Support for Our Time

Creating support for the emotional, psychological, and sacred aspects of death is the central focus of GoGracefully. To compensate for the unmet need that exists in our modern world, we have created an extensive training program to train thousands of GoGracefully Guides.  

Every person who holds the credential of GoGracefully Guide has completed a rigorous program.  Our certification ensures that GoGracefully Guides are motivated by loving service, educated with extremely useful knowledge, and equipped with an abundance of beneficial referrals.  Most importantly though, they are trained to use genuine empathy and understanding when it is needed most.

Currently, there are over 65 million baby boomers in the United States alone at retirement age.  We are rapidly approaching a care-giving crisis as this number climbs to over 85 million by the year 2050 with even fewer people to provide the care needed.  Because of these demographics the “death industry” is evolving many new and innovative ideas like green burials, home funerals, and death midwives (also known as end-of-life doulas).  

GoGracefully is contributing to these foundations with an entirely new way to serve this massive need for planning and preparation.  We created the GoGracefully Guide training program.  GoGracefully Guides receive preparation similar to what is currently offered by the end-of-life doula programs sprouting up across the U.S., but we believe that this is only the beginning of what is truly needed to address the coming challenges.  Therefore, we have added knowledge and skills from multiple social science disciplines to our certification program.  All certified GoGracefully Guides have explored the legal, economic, linguistic, historical, psychological and sociological aspects of death.  The social science base is only the beginning of our training.  GoGracefully Guides are also exposed to multiple spiritual, mental, and cultural approaches to death.  This is precisely why our program has several levels of certification and is perhaps the most comprehensive training available to support both conscious dying, and conscious living.

Here is a sample of what it takes to become a GoGracefully Guide:

GoGracefully GuideTM

  • Completion of an accredited End-of-Life Doula (Death Midwife) training
  • Work as a hospice volunteer, caregiver or equivalent
  • Completion of GoGracefully Basic Consciousness Training
  • Completion of GoGracefully Basic Social Science Training for end-of-life workers
  • Completion of 5 common estate planning documents

GoGracefully Advanced GuideTM

  • Completion of GoGracefully Consciousness Training
  • Service as a GoGracefully Guide
    for 20 or more clients
  • Completion of GoGracefully Advanced Financial Literacy Training or equivalent
  • Completion of all essential estate planning documents (30+ documents)
  • Completion of GoGracefully Social Science Training

GoGracefully Master GuideTM

  • Completion of GoGracefully Advanced Consciousness Training
  • Active participation in a weekly ongoing GoGracefully Mastermind Group
  • Service as a GoGracefully Guide for 50 or more clients
  • Certification as a GoGracefully Guide

GoGracefully Guides are trained to use an innovative top down approach as we engage our clients with an abundance of support tools. Our goals have a distinct flow; they originate in the sacred, move through the emotional, embrace the material, and complete the circle by demonstrating the interconnectedness of life and death through genuine loving service.  To hold the title of GoGracefully Guide is more than any license or certification can confer; it is a way of being!    

Call anytime to connect with a GoGracefully Guide (808) 430-7290

Are you looking for a new career? A way to really be of service by living your highest potential? If you enjoy working from home, creating your own schedule, and interacting with people who are genuinely grateful for your service, consider joining our team! GoGracefully Guides are on the cutting edge of serving the huge demographic of aging people around the globe.

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