Education is a fundamental component of the GoGracefully mission. Here you will find a mix of how-to videos and inspirational material that we have created to highlight what we consider to be elements of truth, beauty, and goodness. If you feel the desire to comment on any of these videos, please click on the YouTube link and scroll down to the comment section. We are very interested in hearing what you find helpful and especially what you would like to see more of in the future. We do our best to reply to all comments.

After we decided to sell our Hawaii home and tour in an RV on the mainland, we realized we needed to document some of the amazing things found here on the Big Island.  One of those special things is the annual migration of Humpback Whales to give birth in the warm and shallow waters of Hawaii.  This video documents our annual homeschool adventure on the Ocean Sports Catamara, Alala.  In this video you will see the beautiful deep blue ocean water, children beaming with joy, and a baby Humpback whale doing the same.  Please like and share this video and by all means book a whale watch if you come to the Big Island in the winter.  You will be glad you did!

This video is the first in a series we will feature entitled, Parables for Our Time.  All of the parables are structured from real life situations that many of us have or will encounter.  As you watch and read please keep in mind that parables provide for a simultaneous appeal to vastly different levels of mind and spirit.  Hopefully they will stimulate your imagination, challenges your discrimination, and provoke critical thinking.

A Living Will, also known as an Advanced Healthcare Directive is an essential legal document for any adult regardless of age and health status.  Living Wills are created to speak our wishes when and if we are unable to do so for ourselves.  Follow James Land, the founder of as he easily guides us through the creation of an Advanced Healthcare Directive.  This is a four-part series of short and informative videos that will result in the creation of your living will.

This 19-minute video is a step-by-step tutorial of how you can create your own Power of Attorney (POA) using the links provided.  A POA is a written authorization to represent or act on another's behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter.  It is also an essential document, should anything happen to the creator, because it allows a trusted person to step in and manage important decision, when the creator is unable to do so for themselves.

After selling our family home in Hawaii, and buying a 31-foot Class C RV which we have now modified with a lift and the addition of 4WD, the seach began for a toaw vehicle that would seat our entire family.  We decided on the unique and rare VW Vanagon Syncro.  This video documents the trip from Hawaii to Denver, Colorado, to purchase the vehicle and the delivery of the Syncro from Denver to Portland, Oregon.  This trip highlights one of the rites of passage in our family in which each child gets to take a solo long trip with dad.

Yes, it's true, we sold our house and bought a rad 4X4 RV and a pile of camera equipment (The DJI Mavic Air drone is featured here).  Now, our family of six is taking GoGracefully LLC on the road.  Not just any road though, we are headed down a path of hands on loving service, while sharing quality education about living and dying joyfully.  That is not all though, we plan to have fun doing it with anyone who will join us. So be sure to like us, subscribe to our channel, and share this video with your friends.

As part of our ongoing series of videos, GoGracefully decided that aerial footage would be essential for conveying both beauty and context.  When we purchased our Mavic Air drone for photography, we had no
idea how many laws and regulations govern the use of such a device.  This discovery resulted in the quest for a commercial drone pilot certificate. This video documents a drone flight directly adjacent to an airport, something that can get you into a lot of trouble, if you do not follow FAA rules and regulations, which include getting permission.  The massive waves seen in this video were the result of a rare NNE swell that hit the rugged Kohala Coast mid-January, 2019 and produced waves with 40-60-foot faces.  Wow!